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Adoptable Dogs
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Learn About ACDs
    Chiodini  Rescue was founded January 24, 2002.  We are, Nadia & Mick Chiodini, a small state licensed, in our home, not for profit rescue.  We usually have no foster homes & will have between 4-6 rescue dogs at a time.  We are located in Festus, Missouri
Jefferson County.  You can contact us by email or call 636-931-6785.
    We rescue , provide safe harbor for & place unwanted, abandoned, abused & neglected Australian Cattle Dogs, Heelers, CattleMutts, Chihuahuas, Pekingese, Pomeranians & Shih Tzus, we will consider any small breed if we have room.  If we do not have room & you have a dog of any breed needing rescue we may still be able to help by pointing you in the direction of other rescues in the hopes they will have room.
     We also work with Val/Ed ACD Rescue.  Their dogs go through our program.  And we work with Jefferson County Animal Welfare, taking dogs in need from them when we have room & screening for great homes for dogs they have in foster care. And some of our dogs come from Caretakers' Network working with Jefferson County Animal Control to save the dogs before they are put to death.
    Because of the overwhelming number of unwanted dogs in Jefferson County we mostly focus on the JC dogs, however we will consider dogs out of the area if we have room & you are willing to bring the dog to us.  You just never know what will grab our hearts.
    It is our main concern to place happy, friendly dogs, some may need normal obedience training, but we do not knowingly place dogs with hard to work with behavior problems, some dogs we may know better than others, depending how long they have been with us.  We of course cannot guarantee you will not have any problems, but we try to do everything we can to make sure you do not have any major ones.  We also offer support throughout the dog's life.
    We always want to make sure we place the right dog into the right home.  You may be a great home but the dog you're interested in could be a terrible match for you, then big problems can arise. 
    We do not care how long it takes to find the right home, the dog's life is in the balance & we never want them to suffer again or be bounced around anymore, it's very heartbreaking for them to loose the people they have grown fond of.  Cattledogs are very loyal & so are all breeds of dogs.  They do not take to getting dumped well.
Adopters'Of Rescued Dogs
   Please click the button & join our Adopters' of Rescued Dogs list if you are having any training or behavioral problems with your dog.
   It is our goal to help the dogs Keep Their Happy Homes so they do not become unwanted.
    Rescuers are invited to join & help us help the adopters.  Sometimes we need help too!
JCMO Networking
Adopters' Of Rescued Dogs
JCMO Networking List
Australian Cattle Dogs
Are Not Just For Cattle Any More!
The Very Handsome
Shane Says
    The Australian Cattle Dog is a courageous, very tough, extremely loyal, highly intelligent working dog with strength & endurance unlike any other dog of its size.
    Australian Cattle Dogs are very athletic & capable of quick and sudden movement.  Renowned for their protectiveness and loyal to family & property, they are very selective as to who are friends or foe.  Cattledogs are gentle by nature but will show aggression if their family or property is threatened.  Their devotion is unquestioned and they will laid down their lives to protect their loved ones. 
     ACDs are one of the most versatile & highly trainable breed of dogs in existence today.  Not only are they one of the greatest herding/working dog breeds, but they also make excellent family pets - In The Right Hands!
     ACDs are great dogs of choice if you want to do Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Tracking &/or Herding competitions.  ACDS are even being used as Hearing Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, there is no end to the intelligent & learning capability of the Australian Cattle Dog, also know as the Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, & Queensland Heeler.
      Cattledogs are very loving, playful & always willing to please.  They thrive on praise & will do anything to please their loved ones.
It is most important to stress that the ACD must be treated with respect: in turn he/she will give you the same courtesy.  In disciplining them they must be treated firmly but fairly. 
Without direction from a fair & firm "Pack Leader" they can get into lots of trouble finding things to do on their own!
      It is also important to realize that these dogs need lots of activity & exercise.  "A good dog is a tired dog" as the saying goes.
Another very important factor to realize is Cattledogs want to be with their people all the time & will follow you everywhere, they are not meant to stay outside all the time away from the family, they want to be part of the family.

With training, commitment & most of all Love,
the Australian Cattle Dog is the Greatest Companion,
Friend & Natural Family Protector you will ever find!
    If you are interested in adopting a Cattledog, CattleMutt, or a small breed of dog, please email or give us a call
636-931-6785.  If we do not have the right dog for you or if you are interested in another breed that we do not have we might be able to
point you in the right direction.

Our Passion Is Dogs
    Did you know there is a difference between Australian Cattle Dogs & Heelers? 
    Click the button to learn what
those differences are.
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   Rescuers please join our list for helping to get the more rural dogs & animals to safety.  Urgent shelter dog & cat lists are welcome, anyone needing help for a dog, cat or any animals may post for help.
    We are located in Jefferson County, MO but all rescuers in any counties or states are welcome to join.  It's all about helping the animals.
Contact Us
Contact Us
   It takes a lot of people to save a dog.  We in no way do this alone.  And we thank each & every one of you from the rescuers we work with to the adopters that adopt our dogs.  Far too many to list all of you, but you know who you are & Thank You All Very Much.

      I am not a Hero, the Dogs are my Heroes & this is why I rescue them.
                                         Nadia Chiodini
Happy Tails
Our Happy Tails
   If you love your dog & want to keep your dog but you are at your wits end & don't know what to do please email us or call 636-931-6785, we offer free online & phone training tips & advice for anyone.  We are only concerned with helping dogs keep their happy homes.
    Please remember that dogs need time, training, lots of attention & mostly lots of love.  They want to be inside with their people, Not outside looking in.   Cattledogs love to sleep on the bed with you.
     Do Not Adopt If You Cannot Commit
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Chiodini Small Pampered Dog Boarding
Chiodini Boarding
   Chiodini Kennel offers in home boarding for small pampered house dogs.  Great references, established since 1998.  Grooming available.  $5 off your first grooming &/or boarding visit.  Click this button to learn more
In Home Boarding For Small Pampered Dogs