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    Australian Cattle Dogs Are Not
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    Australian Cattle Dogs, also referred to as Blue & Red Heelers & Queensland Heelers are a very tough hard working breed, full of energy & love.  Extremely Intelligent.  You may find other breeds as smart, but you'll find none smarter.
     Did you know there is a different between the ACDs & Heelers?  Did you know there is another breed that is similar to the ACDs & Heelers called the Stumpy Tailed Cattledog?
     Australian Cattle Dogs can be registered with the AKC, Heelers cannot.  ACDS are bigger & more solidly build, males up to 65# & females around 50#.  They are blue or red, a sort of ticking or salt & pepper effect, not merled.  They can be speckled blue or red.  ACDs  follow a breed standard,
    Heelers come in all sizes, shapes & some off colors.  We even seen a blending of the red & blue to make a sort of purplish effect.  The still are not merled though.  We have seen males & females as small as 30# full grown.  We've heard some Heeler puppymillers have been know to add more Dingo back in. 
    Whether ACD or Heeler all should have prick ears &  long tails, NOT DOCKED.  No blue eyes  and they are not merled like an Australian Shepherd.
    There is also a separate but very similar breed called the Stumpy Tailed Cattledog that can have no tan & has a natural stumpy tail about 4" long.  They are rare here in America but very popular in Australia.

Mighty Teemu
Purebred Australian Cattle Dog  Blue Male
   Daisy - A little Red Heeler
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Zelda - A Purebred ACD Blue Female
    Cattledogs have something else in common besides how they look & that is their temperament.  In temperament there is no difference between them, but each Cattledog dog is different & some are more intense than other.  Some were bred strictly for working & can be way too intense for a normal household & should be working cattle in a home that brings them in when they are not working.
     Go to www.cattledog.com & www.australiancattledog.com for a more thorough look at Cattledogs, but here I'd like to tell you about Rescued Cattledogs & this includes CattleMutts too.
     Rescued Cattledogs are different from the norm for many reasons.  Some have never known love & have never been treated kindly, some have lived their lives out on a chain & it is amazing how many of these dogs turn around to be wonderful indoor loving loyal pets.
    In most cases we do not know any history about the dog or very little, even in owner turn in cases so often they lied & the dog is really not as they described.  Once in a while we do know a lot about a dog, but that is usually because the dog has already spent time in a foster home or a rescuer has spent time to evaluate the dog before he/she came to us.
     Cattledogs are very sensitive & will follow you everywhere & even more so if they have already been abandoned before.  It constantly amazes me how great a come most of these dogs have after just coming into us.  They'll run outside, go potty & be right back at the door.  The most trouble I've had was them hurrying so much they didn't go potty & then went in the house so I had to make them go potty & watch them & of course praise them after they have gone outside. 
    Now some do need work on coming but most have fantastic comes.  That's because they love their people so very much & can't stand to be away from you.  Some people think Cattledogs are just supposed to be outside. Well I can tell you from experience this is not true.  Even Cattledogs that have lived their whole lives outside on a chain take to inside life with a passion.  If you're outside then sure they want to be outside, but if you are inside then that is where they will want to be.  They will stay by you, lay by you, follow you everywhere, super loyal & loving.
    Do Not get a Cattledog if you dislike a dog who follows you everywhere.  All Cattledogs will & rescues even more.  I had an adopter complain about it once & she said she thought the dog was obsessed with her.  I had to laugh a little & told her no that's just how they are.
    And all Cattledogs require a certain amount of active playtime, Frisbees, throwing balls, agility, which you can do just for fun in the backyard you do not have to do competitions.  I love to throw the balls for them, that's my best way to wear them out.  But also remember not to overheat them, that can cause death.
    These are 3 of our wonderful CattleMutts. 
    To the left, in the back, is Amazing Elias.  He is amazing because it was amazing he lived.  Elias was brought to us by JC Animal Welfare as an abandoned at birth newborn.  We had to get a lot of advice of how to try & save him.  We later found out his Daddy was a big white mix Heinz 57 that runs the neighbor & his Mom is a beautiful purebred Blue Heeler.  After bottle raising him we had to keep him of course. He now weights around 100#
     Little Man Isaac, his Mommy Adele, another beautiful Heeler girl came to us pregnant & 3 days later on Easter Sunday she gave birth to 8 puppies.  His Mom stopped feeding them at 2 1/2 wks for some reason & I helped her raise the litter.  We believe his Daddy to be a Shepherdx of some kind, maybe a little hound in there.
    And the pretty red girl in front is Fiery Ezrael, she was turned in 3 times to the shelter by adopters for being to tough.  Which she is & needs a very strong pack leader.  We decided it best to keep her as she requires a very strong pack leader & we didn't want her to go out & get herself in trouble again.  It's a miracle she wasn't put to death at the shelter for aggression, but some shelter people could tell she was a sweetie at heart.  Ezzi has been nicknamed our Little Red devil Dog.  She is a mix of Cattledog/Shepherd/ & Heinz 57.
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