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    Here is what one of our wonderful clients has to say about us ~
    "We have been bringing our dog Grace to Chiodini Kennel for the past two years, after they were recommended to us by a rescue group.  We love our dog, she is our furry child, and we would never take her anywhere else by choice.  Nadia & Mick provide a warm, loving, homelike atmosphere for the dogs they board.
                     Each dog gets individual attention, and
                personalities permitting, lots of play time
                with other dogs.  they have taken care of
                Grace for as short as a day, to as long as
                almost 3 weeks.
                     Nadia also does a great job grooming.  I
                would highly recommend Chiodini Kennels to
                                                        Joannie Karcher
                                                         Barnhart, MO
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Nadia Chiodini
    We are a state licensed ~ IN OUR HOME ~ boarding kennel for small pampered house dogs under 30#. The little dogs have their own playroom with low windows for great outside viewing.
Dogs that like each other can play and hang together.  Most dogs love to make new friends, but if not that's okay, we make sure everyone gets lots of time out and lots of personal attention.  Each little sweetie has his or her own sleeping & eating dog house, the large size, with orthopedic beds.  And we make sure the dog houses are fun for them so they don't mind when they have to be confined.  Dogs that live together and are used to staying together, can stay together here too if you like.
     The upper deck has been small dog proofed and is used for a safe outside confinement area for the small dogs to run & play with each other or just to soak up some sun.  We also have almost one acre fenced for running & playing, but little ones are never left in the big yard without supervision.
Experience Our Level Of Devotion To The Dogs
We will be your sweet little one's
Home Away From Home
We Give Hugs When You Can't
    Nadia Chiodini has a  lifetime of experience working with dogs of all sizes & breeds.  She is a Certified Trainer, Certified Groomer/Pet Stylist & A Dog Rescuer.  Continuing studies of animal behavior & training, new grooming techniques & studying dog massage therapy.  "My Passion Is Dogs"
    All Dog's must be current on rabies shot, DHLPP booster (distemper /parvo shot), and Bortdetella shot.  This is to protect your dogs as much as possible from catching illness. Even with shots dogs can still become sick as there are different strains of viruses that are not covered in the shots, but shots give you the best protection possible. 
    We always disinfect all crates, bowls, grooming tools. etc before using on the next dog.  If we have a sick rescue come in they are isolated right away, rescues are kept in a separate area anyway away from boarders & never around boarding dogs unless they have been with us a while & we know they are not sick & that they love & get along with other dogs.
    If we discover a boarding dog is sick we will also isolate right away & call the owner.  Of course the owner may not be able to pick the dog up right, so we will take all necessary precautions to keep the illness from spreading to any other dogs.
    It is like children going to school & you just never know when a child will get sick & spread it at school causing other children to get sick.  Same things with any  boarding, grooming & veterinarian places.  You can take your dog to the Vet for a regular check up & be sitting right next to a dog that is sick.  A sick stray dog could walk past your yard & your dog could be exposed to illness. 
    While we at Chiodini Kennel & Rescue take every precaution to ensure your dog will not get sick nothing is ever 100% & we cannot be help responsible if your dog does become ill.  You should consult your Vet if your dog is ill & let us know immediately so we can warn the other dogs' owners that their dogs might have been exposed & to watch for symptoms.
    We will be happy to discuss with you the ways we keep our dogs healthy with so many other dogs coming & going all the time.        636-931-6785
     We also work with rescued dogs, dogs that have been dumped, abandoned, sometimes abused, so we do know how important it is to keep a dog mentally, as well as physically happy.  We work hard to keep each & every dog happy, to make them feel safe & very much loved.

    Baby CattleMutt abandoned at birth, rolled down into a dry creek bed & left to die.
    He was brought to us, we nursed
& bottle fed him back to great health. 
   We named him Amazing Elias because we felt it was quite amazing he lived.

My sunshine doesn't come from the skies
It comes from the look in all my dogs' eyes
    Amazing Elias full grown & weighing 100# with his baby brother Isaac.  Isaac's Mommy came into our rescue pregnant & 3 days later gave birth to 8 puppies on Easter Day. We adopted Isaac for ourselves.
    So you can see we are great nurturers, we care about all dogs in the same way, with patience & tender loving care.