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Adoptable Dogs
  Sadie with her handsome brother Shane

    Missy/Miss Calina/now Sadie had a real close call with death.  Some of her friends at the shelter were not so lucky & they died.  Someone at the shelter wasn't paying attention & put to sleep 4 dogs that had rescues coming after them.  Hope was one of those dogs & she was to come with Sadie to us, she never made it.  A lot of rescuers cried that day & for many days after, it was a very crushing blow to all. 
    Sadie now lives on for all of them so they did not die in vain.  She was in rescue for around 8 months until the day her perfect home came along.  The most loving Mom & Dad along with the handsome brother & Gentleman Shane who loves her & puts up with her stealing his stuff!  She doesn't care what her name is, she only know she has the perfect forever home now & she never needs to worry about being loved again.  We know Hope & the others are smiling down on her now & the wonderful family that adopted her.
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      Sweet Archie started life off right & was living in a house, then the people got a new dog & threw him out on a chain.  Poor Archie was then turned over to a rescue that in turn dumped on him!  That's when we stepped in & bought him into our rescue, we couldn't stand the though of a rescue dumping on a dog they were supposed to rescue, how sad. 
     Poor Archie deserved a break & we wanted to make sure he got it.
     Archie was adopted by a super older couple that needed a loving companion & knows how to appreciate what a fine, loving, great dog he is.  He has fit wonderfully into their home & life & they continue to send us cards thanking us for Archie.
     All we can say is Thank You all wonderful adopters of the unwanted animals.  Archie is proof how much they need you & how much You need them!
    Bindy & Baloo.  Bindy to the left is littermates with our Isaac, we of course did not breed any dogs, Adele their Mom came in to us pregnant & gave birth 3 days later to 8 puppies on Easter Day 2004.  Baloo came to us from IL saved just before he was scheduled to die.  And he is truly a Baloo too!  A real sweetheart & a true gentleman.
    How lucky can a rescuer be to have a trusted adopter who has already adopted a dog from you want a second dog?
     Well, I can tell you pretty terrific.  Both these dogs are extremely luckily to have a second chance at a life full
of love & happiness with such super people.  And of these are some
Super Dogs!
    The very handsome Rusty was dumped at a kill shelter along with his buddy a purebred Collie.  Can you imagine anyone not wanting this gorgeous dog & the Collie is equally as beautiful.  Rusty came to us & his buddy went to a rescue friend who does Collies.  She rescued them just before they were to be put to death.
    Both Rusty & his buddy are in wonderful homes now & very much loved.  I was very lucky & Rusty was adopted by a grooming client of mine's son.  So I still get to see & groom Rusty from time to time.  Here he is after his last grooming looking very happy & much loved by all of us.
     Isn't it wonderful to see such a happy face?  Not all dogs are so lucky.
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    Sweet Twinkles.  How we fell in love with this poor sweetie.  At 4 yrs old she had lived her whole life outside & with no vetting ever.  She had Heartworms & while being treated she almost died.  It was all very scary.  You can't help but get attached when you have to mother & worry over them so. 
    Twinkles was adopted long before she ever when to her new home because she had to go through her treatments first, but her new Mom & family worried about her daily & emailed or called to check on her.  These folks had the most marvelous bond with Twinkles from meeting her only through pictures.  It was love at first site. 
     While it was very hard to give Twinkles up we know how much Twinkles is loved by her new family & a dog couldn't have it better!
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